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Pancake day

Pancake day

Our students enjoyed their first PANCAKE DAY at school...life can be sweet even at school.)

Arranged by Milada Vašáková + English Club


Hi Dan!
It was a great day at school today! We were celebrating Shrove Tuesday. We spent our English lesson in our school café. There were some girls preparing pancakes. First of all, we were sitting at the table and tasting different jams on toast. We got three points to rate the samples, then. Strawberry jam was the best one for me. After tasting, we tried pancake flipping. And finally, the girls gave us two pancakes. We could choose two toppings. Well, I chose strawberry and raspberry topping. We were served black English tea and milk with it. It was a real laugh!!
Wish you were here.

Hi Johny,
On Monday we had pancake brunch at school.-) We tried what it is like in England because they celebrate Pancake day on Shrove Tuesday there. We tried how to flip a pancake on a pan, and we were also tasting jams and other toppings. The best thing was when we got two fresh pancakes to eat.-)) It was delicious!
I wish you were here.
Best wishes,

Hi Vojta!
How are you? We are just having an amazing time at school! We are celebrating the famous pancake day.-) Our English teacher gave us some information about it and then we went to taste some pancakes. So here we are, tasting delicious pankes that our girls from school made.-)
Wish you were here.
All the best,

Hi Pepa,
We are at brilliant breakfast! A lot of pancakes are here. I love it.-)
Many jams are here too. My favourite is strawberry jam. But here are also kiwi, cherry, blueberry and many others. Nutella and maple syrup are here too. We tried pancake flipping and it was fun!
What about you? How are you enjoying your Pancake Day?
Lots of love,

28. 02. 2020 11:45:00 | Václav Knápek